Set up a Company in UK from Any part of the World

Don't limit yourself to just one market

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Open a UK Bank Account or Set up a Company in the UK from any part of the world

We offer bespoke service for entrepreneurs to easily break into the U.K. market. It does not matter if you are present in the U.K. We will make it happen for you within a short period of time.
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UK Bank Account

We will help you get a bank account when you choose this package


You don’t get to fill the lengthy forms. We will tell you the requirements for the documentation needed and we do all the licensing procedure

Merchant Accounts

Get help with merchant accounts such as Stripe and PayPal and open your access to payments throughout the world


Get never ending support and advice. Once you sign up, you have access to our support team for any queries related to company registration, bank account and any related concerns

Plus a lot more

For a flat fee, we will take care of your company registration, bank account creation, tax advisory and everything that comes in between.

Stripe Signup - £40 Only

We will complete all the process to sign you up for your Stripe merchant account.

VAT Filing and registration - £40

We do your VAT registration and filing

A range of Accounting Solutions to empower your business

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The heart and soul of every business, bookkeeping can be a pain for all businesses. However, putting technology to good use, we have your back. We will ensure your bookkeeping is smooth, Hassle- free and prompt.
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Cloud Accounting

We use Cloud Accounting Software that secures your data in cloud and can be accessed any time and any where in the world

Bank Reconciliations

We will reconcile your transactions with that of the bank to make sure no transaction is left unattended

Receivable and Payable Management

We will look after your receivables and payables to make sure you pay suppliers within the due date and receive payments on time


Your employee payroll will be our duty. We will make sure we record the payroll accurately so that pay slips are easy to access


Our Cloud Accounting Software keep track of inventory for better inventory management

Dashboard reporting

Our dashboard reporting services provide a top notch view of your business performance, budget and forecasts to assist you in important decision making

Plus a lot more

Our Professional Accountants are not just there for bookkeeping. They are a lot more. If they find any weakness in your internal controls, they will quickly report it before any damages are made.
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Tax Services

Filing a tax return can be a nightmare for businesses regardless of wherever you are in the globe and no wonder in the midst of other pressing things, a nearing deadline can run one crazy. Don’t worry we are here to sail you through this grueling phase.
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Compliance Requirements

Get help with your compliance requirements. Professionals at Accountaxpert will make sure you are complying with government bylaws

Corporation Tax, VAT Returns and self-assessments

Get your Corporation Tax, VAT Returns and self-assessments done by professionals

Timely Returns

Timely filing of withholding tax, sales tax and income tax to make sure there are no fines

Plus a lot more

Our tax experts will see to it that your returns are filed on time while you do what you like the most. We just don’t leave you there, we also plan your tax so that you pay no more than what you owe!
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Virtual CFO / Advisory 

Thinking of growing your small business and are uncertain how to go about it? Our virtual CFO services have your ends covered no matter where ever you are in the globe.
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Internal controls and Financial administration

Get professional help to improve internal controls and financial administration

Business planning

Get professional advice for business strategy and planning

A better picture

Numbers tell a story and we are the story tellers. We can show you how your business is doing and what can make improvements


We will help you establish, measure and monitor your key performance indicators

Business forecast and budgeting

Get help with preparation of your business forecast and budgets and a comparison with actual results

Plus a lot more

No wonder hiring a CFO is expensive and would by all counts be an irrational choice for a small business. However, as we move further into the 21st century, the business environment has transformed and managing your finances efficiently has become all the more important. Growth is to business what honey is to bees!

Money Back Guarantee

We will return your full payment if services committed are not delivered.

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From early discussion to final work, it has been an amazing experience.If you’re looking for your solutions to your business problems get in touch with this team, they are highly professional and their attention to detail is great.
We have been taking bookkeeping and compliance services from Accountaxpert since January 2021. We are amused by their hardworking team, they are patient and very knowledgeable. We at Developers Studio are looking forward to working with them more. These guys are a gem for sure!

M Ahmed

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Max Dummy

Director at Template

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Max Dummy

Director at Template

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