"WeCrunch found more than just an accounting partner in Accountaxpert"

"A Tech Giant that grew more than 200% with Accountaxpert"

WeCrunch Success Summary

Founded in 2017 by Adeel Farouqui, with an aim to conquer the market by providing digital transformation solutions. Adeel has always believed in technology. Strong faith and determination took them from a small scale to a large scale. From a payroll of four to fourty within three years is as inspiring as it is.

“Right technology can make impossible possible” - Adeel

How we helped

Unlike all the startups where the founders are handling everything by themselves from marketing to sales and accounting, Wecrunch had their accounts handled by Accountaxpert since start. Back in 2017, it was a startup and we were doing what we were best at (handling accounts) and they had all the time to do what they do best. This allowed them the freedom to put all their mind focusing only on growth meanwhile we arranged their accounts in Xero, kept track of their cash flow and provided valuable advisory services that lead the company to take off in a very short period of time. 

Adeel thanks Accountaxpert as he feels informed when it comes to their finances. It is true, once you have a clear view of your finances with a good reporting system, budgeting and projections improve significantly. 

Accountaxpert is providing them the following services:

The results

Accountaxpert and Wecrunch have seen success together. Since the start, the company has gone from strength to strength. Wecrunch has gained enormous success which can be seen from their payroll from four to fourty within three years. According to Adeel, they found a financial partner, mentor, and a friend in Accountaxpert.