“We hear back from our customers that we’re like an extension of their team”

"Tech savvy grows beyond 100% with Accountaxpert"

Contegris Success story

From a payroll of 10 to 40. Three years ago the founder of Contegris, Eitesam Ahmed Khan was in a dire need of someone who can arrange their books and provide them a whole accounting solution. They met a few accounting firms but were not very satisfied until they met Accountaxpert. 

"We found complete accounting solution. Accountaxpert is a one stop shop” – Eitesam Ahmed Khan

What challenges were they facing?

Contegris provides Consultancy, System Integration, and Innovative Communication Technology Solutions focusing on the enterprise market. At the time it was very challenging for the team to take it to the next level as their financial books were not in order. Contegris decided it was the right time to get accounting help especially CFO services. They were not just looking for accountants, but business people too who understand business growth and at Accountaxpert they found both.

How did we help?

Team Accountaxpert is detail-oriented and we started with a full review of Contegris’ financial data and systems. Our goal is to add value and as promised, we quickly started adjusting and organizing their books. We moved them from conventional accounting practice to cloud accounting (Xero). At the time, Contegris was expanding and they were ready to take a loan to invest more. Team Accountaxpert was quick enough to present their financial position in front of them and found out their current financial position is stable and they should not get a loan. .Had they taken a loan back then, things would have been messy. We are now taking care of their complete accounts department that includes bookkeeping, corporate compliance, taxes and CFO advisory services.


Since we began working with Contegris, soon after a year they had grown their revenues by more than 50%. Now in 2021, the company have an employee count of 40. At the time when they started with us they had an employee count of 10. The growth is visible and we can see financial management has played an important role in it.

Our team is a trusted sounding board for any issues that may arise for Contegris.

“Accountaxpert has been the key for our improvement. The team is trustworthy and capable of seeing any loopholes in the financial position of the company.” – Eitesam Ahmed Khan

Accountaxpert is thrilled to work with such a powerful tech company. They are expanding their business to Middle East and they know we operate globally and have their back!